Friday, May 18, 2007

Procrastination Aids and other news

Let's start with the other news. I finally got a "real" job. Well. "real" in the sense that it's an office job. I get paid average money. I will work a full month in a 9-to-6 kinda deal, starting this Monday. As a run-of-the-mill secretary. I am consoling myself thinking I always wanted to do random jobs like these. The fact that I'm doing this at 30 instead of at 20, when most people do this kinda stuff, is a minor detail...

I've also looked into teaching English. I had an interview in a language school I contacted at random (there's tons in Milan!) and apparently my accent isn't so bad. After about 20 mins of chatting I was told I could come in any time for an aptitude test, and after passing that I can go through their training program and then start teaching! The aptitude test sounded a lot like an SAT kinda deal... if I passed it at 18 with a higher-than-your-average-American grades, I think I should be ok now ;)

The procrastination comes in from a new site I discovered:

Unlike youtube, people upload tons of commercial stuff here. Perhaps being less known and fairly new it is still not as censored. I was able to finish watching Death Note without having to go through the trouble of finding torrents and downloading files. I have also seen a bunch of new anime series, and while I'm typing this I have a great collection of classic cartoons to inspire me and make me think of good old talent...

I have to say, being older gives you a much wider range of things to appreciate! The down-side is that there is such an overload of info, I get so easily lost in it, rather than concentrate in creating new one...

And that is the latest and greatest from this side of the world... ^_^

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Template update

I am going to upgrade to Blogger's new layout scheme, and try to clean up the blog in general, so bear with me if the site gets messy for a bit.

Let me know of any problems, or if you have a request. One thing I did was change the RSS feed to grab the full post instead of only the first paragraph, per request.

I am also going to try and figure out a better way to post the pics... So they're easier to get to. This might take longer but Im working on it!! ^.^