Monday, August 27, 2007

Article about Genova

Genova remains one of my hometowns. One of the places I feel fondness for and I identify with.

I ran across an article that covers a lot of its beauty, better than how I can explain it. Even explores Nervi, which is actually where I spent all my time.

Figured I'd share it, and recommend it for a visit to anyone who can stop by there:

Genoa: Columbus' Italian birthplace still dazzles (USA Today article)

As far as my journeys, they're a bit stuck for now. I start a part-time job tomorrow, at the same bookstore I worked when I first got here, and mid-September I start the English classes. Still doing a bit of translation work... but so far I'm marking the year 2007 as one of my toughest.

Good thing life has ups alongside downs. No light without darkness...