Monday, November 20, 2006

America here I come [back]!

I've been in Milan for almost 2 weeks. My hosts, found through a friend of a friend with just a few phone calls, have been amazingly patient and kind and didn't kick me out after my stay of a couple of days turned in a couple of weeks... ^.^

I have to say that I never believed in the networking thing. I thought hard work and skills had to make up for knowing the right people. I've changed my mind a bit on that. While I still think that one has to prove to be hard working, much of what I have accomplished has been thanks to knowing people that could put me in touch with other people... the help I've gotten from that supersedes the shyness I feel in asking so many people for so many things...

As of now I'm convinced that grandma is well taken care of, while I need to take care of things and get my stuff in the USA. So I'm going ahead with the trip back to the Americas as originally planned. So confirmed Croxleys for December 1st :) And I'll be on campus that whole day, visiting as many people as I manage to. I'll have only 'til Tue to visit everyone in New York, then I'm moving on to Costa Rica mad early dec 6.

Unfortunately I can't comment on anything about Milan as far as sight-seeing goes... I did pass underneath the Duomo, but only running to catch the metro to reach one place or another. I barely had a chance to be amazed at its architecture. Doesn't help that it's surrounded by construction stuff for some remodeling. I have no pics to share on the city yet. It'll have to wait for when I come to settle here. I can say that I found the weather very cooperative. It was real nice the first week. Then the grayness that Milanese complain about showed up, and hasn't really left. It's a city of mist.

That's all for now. I have 10 more days to run around before leaving Italy, all family-related. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

life is random. here is proof.

I have only to convince myself of something, and make a statement, for Lady Luck to change things around. Sometimes I think it's a personal game she plays with me...

If I dubbed Genova a city of possibilities, Milan has been a city of unearthing long forgotten past. Thanks to a bit of hard work, and a string of coincidences and luck (of course... always luck...) I started off Tuesday morning with no family, and in only 12 hours I had a grandmother, alive, in an elderly care facility.

I've had a week to digest the information, think on what to do, and make a new plan. She needs someone, that's for sure. All things point for a settling down in Milan, at least for a while. I'm still going to try and work out the trip to America, but details are hazy.

If anyone knows anyone in this city, that can offer a bit of hospitality, let me know. It doesn't make sense for me to rent a whole apartment with a long-term contract until I figure out the trip, the legalities, and the job options, but I also feel the need to be here for Christmas.


Yeah. I've learned to take life as it comes.

Monday, November 06, 2006

catching up on procrastination... ;)

I've spent 2 weeks in Holland, hooked to broadband... and here I am, 20 mins before leaving to the airport, updating the blog. ;)

Besides playing with my friends' baby, who has upgraded her backwards crawl to a full running around the house causing mayhem since I last saw her, I met up with friends from Costa Rica, took them around Amsterdam one day, attended the Horti Fair, and saw a bit of the new environment my friends moved to. Pretty place!

This afternoon I'm flying over to Milan, staying there a couple of days and see what I can find out about my family. I've made some headway in my research these past weeks! I foresee lots of running around in the near future... Good thing I bummed around for two weeks to recharge :P

I am bit less organized this time around, I have no clue where I'll be staying past this week, but I already bought a plane ticket to head back to the Americas Nov 30th! I'll be in NY dec 1st through the 5th, then I'm flying down to Costa Rica for my annual xmas time there. It's hard to break the habit... ;)

If you are in New York, you can make it, I'll be at Croxley's happy hour on Fri Dec 1! That's in Long Island, New Hyde Park.

And Italy... broadband connection is much scarcer, so hang on 'til the next update!!